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Daily Deviations and Daily Lit Deviations

Daily Deviations

The Great Race by GuinevereToGwen is "a modern-day quest set in a girls' school: the 'dragon' is armed with a broom and the 'princess' isn't interested in the hero" (suggester's words).


( Suggested by SCFrankles and chromeantennae and Featured by neurotype. )

Man Sold Separately by GuinevereToGwen


( Featured by Beccalicious. )

Golden Ink and Going Back by GuinevereToGwen "is a wonderful tale of childhood, growing up, and then wishing you could be a child again. Using fairy tales that are well-known, a wonderful story is spun that will take you back to your childhood days of innocence," says the suggester.


( Suggested by MagicalJoey and Featured by thorns. )

Daily Lit Deviations
Daily Lit Recognition

suggested by chasingcloudbursts and featured by Naktarra
"This short story is a wonderful representation of the uncertainty of love, using the concept of entropy to tie it all together. The writing is intriguing and the ending is immensely satisfying. You will find yourself smiling uncontrollably at the end of this adorable tale."


The Great Race
suggested by LiliWrites and featured by VertigoArt
"A fun, exciting ride. Tightly written, interesting character. I was caught up in Charlie's race from the first stride to the last."


The Story of the Bench
suggested by chromeantennae and featured by TwilightPoetess
"This piece is really unique and the dialogue is great. I really, really enjoyed this read."


suggested by saltwaterlungs and featured by DrippingWords
"At first, the piece might seem cliché, but it quickly disorients the reader well enough to shake away any thought of it being anything but unique."


Rescue Team
featured by doodlerTM
"A piece that conveys the frustration of having a co-dependent friend."


On a Dark and Stormy Night
suggested by WritersInk and featured by SilverInkblot
"A very cleverly written piece using the first lines in many famous novels."


Saving Ladybugs
featured by doodlerTM
"A touching story about ladybugs and loss told through the point-of-view of a child."



Writing Projects


:bulletgreen: Columbia Uncharted: First draft completed, editing in progress
Word count: 62,093
:bulletgreen: Sunriser (Collaborative novel with NGBookworm97): First draft completed, editing in progress
Word count: 73,101
:bulletgreen: After Florence: 2014 NaNoWriMo novel, outlining in progress
Word count: 0

Project DD-a-Day

Project DD a Day aims to encourage deviants to suggest Daily Deviations. The challenge was to suggest seven DDs in two weeks. The project, which occurred from September 1st to 14th, is now over; however, I plan on organizing a second edition sometime in the future.

:bulletblue: Featured Deviant of the Month :bulletblue:

Every month, I feature a special deviant on my profile page as well as in a journal.

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:bulletyellow: Perfect Poetastrophies :bulletyellow:

A series of my favourite off-dA poetry/songs/inspirations.

:bulletyellow: The Wild Hunt by Tallest Man on Earth
:bulletyellow: On the Road (Novel) by Jack Kerouac
:bulletyellow: Next to Normal (Musical) by Tom Kitt and Bryan Yorkey
:bulletyellow: More Lies by Karin Gottshall
:bulletyellow: Home to Roost by Kay Ryan

:bulletorange: Writing Advice :bulletorange:
:bulletpink: Project Educate Articles :bulletpink:

Because I somehow think I'm qualified to give writing advice.

:bulletpink: Musical Theatre: Golden Age and Beyond
:bulletpink: How To Be A Productive Writer
:bulletorange: Switching POV's
:bulletpink: Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
:bulletpink: Songwriting: The Basics
:bulletorange: I Groan When I Read a Dream Scene
:bulletorange: Relatable Protagonists and Clichés


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Artist | Student | Literature

Aspiring novelist, composer-lyricist, sunriser, dreamer, and the biggest poetastrophe you'll ever meet.

I'm currently a student in Canada who dreams of spending the rest of her life writing novels and short stories on a houseboat. Fond of classic literature and musical theatre, I love snowflakes, hot air balloons, and typewriters, although I've never used one and doubt I would enjoy it.

I write short stories, poetry, songs, plays, screenplays, musicals, articles, anything and everything that can be written, I'm writing. My current writing projects include my novel, Columbia Uncharted, a collaborative novel with NGBookworm97, Sunriser, and a one-act musical I'm currently in the process of putting on called The Strangers on the Bus.

Nice Things People Have Said About Me
"Danielle’s gallery is packed full of intriguing and clever pieces to peruse, on her multi-faceted profile. Whether in sharing her novels brimming over with moving tales or reading a touching story or poem from a unique angle, she’s written something for everyone to enjoy."
by LadyLincoln, one of dA's biggest sweethearts

"What I love most about her writing is her character development and her observation/analysis of other human beings...including her honest evaluations of herself and her feelings.
Danielle is one of the most imaginative storytellers I know and, time after time, her writing touches me in some way, whether because I relate to it personally or am simply fascinated by it."
by one of the kindest people I know, hopeburnsblue

"GuinevereToGwen is possibly my best internet buddy. She is just.. wow. She's always trying new things with her writing, and she's always participating in competitions and coming up with new, cool group ideas. She's super nice and her poetry is phenomenal, as is her prose and her stagewriting. She's just all around talented."
by the wonderful saltwaterlungs

"GuinevereToGwen is a sweetheart in every sense of the word. Her work just sweeps you off your feet with her incredible control of literary devices."
by the incredible momo-madness

"You are now a magical writer unicorn."
by my favourite person in the whole world, SilentSails

Favourite plays: Lots of musicals (Les Mis, Next to Normal, Wicked, Chicago, Rent) and anything Shakespeare (my favourites include Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, and As You Like It)!
Favourite poets: Allen Ginsberg • Lewis Caroll • Robert Frost
Favourite colour: All of them! Don't make me choose!
How I would like to die: In a swordfight, defending my life. Preferably on the back of a dragon.

Letters-To-Myself Contest

Sun Oct 26, 2014, 8:53 AM
Hey guys!

You have one day left to enter the Letters-To-Myself contest, Letters To A Writer/Author! We only have two entries so far, and I was sure this prompt would generate lots of entries. It doesn't have to be long, but gimme more entries! I want to need to choose between more than two letters, ha. ;P

A 3-month Premium Membership is up for grabs, so there's really nothing to lose. This should be an easy, stimulating one, guys! You can do this!

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74 deviations

Part III: Marius

Book 4: The Friends of the A B C

Chapter 1: A Group That Very Nearly Became Historically Significant


Most of the Amis de l’A B C were students, with a few factory workers thrown in the mix for good measure. They had similar goals and values, an association by default that evolved into friendship. Here are their names. In a way, they belong to the history books: Enjolras, Combeferre, Jean Prouvaire, Feuilly, Courfeyrac, Bahorel, Lesgle or Laigle, Joly, and Grantaire.


Amongst these passionate hearts and eager spirits was a single cynic. How did he find himself in the midst of these devoted young men? By juxtaposition. This cynic was called Grantaire, although he usually simply signed his name R.

Grantaire was a man who prevented himself from believing in anything. Of all the students he was the one who had learned the most throughout their schooling in Paris. He knew that the best coffee was at the café Lemblin and that the best pool matches were at the café Voltaire. He knew that there was good cake and pretty girls at the Ermitage on the boulevard du Maine, good chicken at Mother Sauguet’s, excellent matelotes at the barrière de la Cunette, and a wonderful white wine at the barrière du Combat. He knew the perfect place for everything. As well as knowing boxing, foot-fencing, and a few dances, he was also a talented singlestick player. On top of all that, he was a heavy drinker.

He was unmeasurably ugly. The prettiest boot-stitcher of that time, a young woman named Irma Boissy, had begun the popular phrase, rendered indignant by his ugliness, Grantaire is impossible. But his own self-satisfaction overrode his shame. He watched women tenderly, seeming to think, “if only I wanted them back!” and trying to make his companions believe that he was in high demand.

All these words: rights of the people, human rights, social contract, French revolution, republic, democracy, humanity, civilization, religion, progress, were, for Grantaire, very close to meaning nothing at all. He laughed at them. Skepticism, that cavity of intelligence, had left him without a single original thought in his mind. He lived in irony.

His motto was: the only certainty is my full glass.

The last thing about this man was that he had one fanaticism. It was neither an idea nor a dogma, neither an art nor a science. It was a man: Enjolras. Grantaire admired, loved, venerated Enjolras. What did this doubting anarchist latch onto? The utmost extremity. And how did Enjolras spellbind him? With his ideas? No, with his character. Not all that unusual, to tell the truth. A cynic who adheres to a believer, it’s as simple as the rule of complementary colours. We are attracted by what we don’t have. No one loves the light as much as the blind man. The toad keeps his eyes on the sky, and why? To watch the birds fly. Grantaire, with his doubt crawling inside him, loved to watch Enjolras’s faith soar. He needed Enjolras. Without knowing it, without being able to explain it, that chaste, healthy, firm, harsh, candid nature charmed him. By instinct he admired his opposite. His own malleable, dislocated, misshapen ideas clung to Enjolras like a spinal column. His own moral backbone leaned on it. When he was near Enjolras, Grantaire became somebody. He himself was composed of two differing traits: he was both sarcastic and polite. His indifference loved. His spirit could live without faith, but his heart could not live without friendship. A profound contradiction, for an affection is a conviction.

Thus was his nature. Some men are born to be one half of a whole. They are Pollux, Patrocle, Nisus, Eudamidas, Ephestion, Pechméja. They only exist next to the other. Their name is only written after the conjunction and. Their existence does not belong to them. They are on the other side of a destiny that is not their own. Grantaire was one of these men. He was the other half of Enjolras.

Grantaire, Enjolras’s satellite, inhabited this young circle of friends; he lived in it. He was only truly content when he was around them; he followed them everywhere. His joy was to watch their silhouettes go back and forth through the wine vapours. They tolerated him for his good attitude.

Enjolras, being a believer, disdained this cynic, and, being sober, scorned this drunk. He accorded him a bit of condescending pity, and that was all.

Bullied by Enjolras, pushed away, tirelessly rejected again and again, he said of Enjolras: “What fine marble!”
Les Miserables (Grantaire) part III, pages 66-73
So tonight I felt like translating a passage from one of my favourite novels of all time, Les Miserables, with a focus on the character of Grantaire. When I was finished I compared it to the Gutenberg translation, and reading the two side by side I'm quite proud of my own translation. I went beyond translating it word for word but tried to keep Victor Hugo's original style. It was quite a challenge, and I loved it! I want to try it again sometime.

So I guess this was just for fun and like you don't have to read it if you don't want to but also I love this entire chapter. It's nothing but character descriptions and they're so thorough and I love it so much. :heart: I love reading the novel from Grantaire's point of view. He's this fascinating character, and he's only mentioned 84 times in the 530,982 word novel. Just think about that for a second.

So yes, I'll try to upload some more Grantaire passages at some point!

Les Miserables doesn't belong to me. In case you haven't noticed.

Letters-To-Myself Contest

Sun Oct 26, 2014, 8:53 AM
Hey guys!

You have one day left to enter the Letters-To-Myself contest, Letters To A Writer/Author! We only have two entries so far, and I was sure this prompt would generate lots of entries. It doesn't have to be long, but gimme more entries! I want to need to choose between more than two letters, ha. ;P

A 3-month Premium Membership is up for grabs, so there's really nothing to lose. This should be an easy, stimulating one, guys! You can do this!

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Every tide will wax and wane to mirror the moon
on these nights she beckons ever brighter,

while every other lovelorn gaze will scorn the stars
and lose itself in something earthward bound.
A love elegy! An ancient Roman fixed form poem made up of elegiac couplets, i.e. a couplet made up of one 12-syllable line and one 10-syllable line! Exclamation points!



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