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:bulletblue: Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Apocalypse (Feb 28)

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Daily Deviations and Daily Lit Deviations

Daily Deviations

The Great Race by GuinevereToGwen is "a modern-day quest set in a girls' school: the 'dragon' is armed with a broom and the 'princess' isn't interested in the hero" (suggester's words).


( Suggested by SCFrankles and chromeantennae and Featured by neurotype. )

Man Sold Separately by GuinevereToGwen


( Featured by Beccalicious. )

Golden Ink and Going Back by GuinevereToGwen "is a wonderful tale of childhood, growing up, and then wishing you could be a child again. Using fairy tales that are well-known, a wonderful story is spun that will take you back to your childhood days of innocence," says the suggester.


( Suggested by MagicalJoey and Featured by thorns. )

Daily Lit Deviations
Daily Lit Recognition

suggested by chasingcloudbursts and featured by Naktarra
"This short story is a wonderful representation of the uncertainty of love, using the concept of entropy to tie it all together. The writing is intriguing and the ending is immensely satisfying. You will find yourself smiling uncontrollably at the end of this adorable tale."


The Great Race
suggested by LiliWrites and featured by VertigoArt
"A fun, exciting ride. Tightly written, interesting character. I was caught up in Charlie's race from the first stride to the last."


The Story of the Bench
suggested by chromeantennae and featured by TwilightPoetess
"This piece is really unique and the dialogue is great. I really, really enjoyed this read."


suggested by saltwaterlungs and featured by DrippingWords
"At first, the piece might seem cliché, but it quickly disorients the reader well enough to shake away any thought of it being anything but unique."


Rescue Team
featured by doodlerTM
"A piece that conveys the frustration of having a co-dependent friend."


On a Dark and Stormy Night
suggested by WritersInk and featured by SilverInkblot
"A very cleverly written piece using the first lines in many famous novels."


Saving Ladybugs
featured by doodlerTM
"A touching story about ladybugs and loss told through the point-of-view of a child."



Writing Projects


:bulletgreen: Columbia Uncharted: First draft completed, editing in progress
Word count: 62,093
:bulletgreen: Sunriser (Collaborative novel with NGBookworm97): First draft completed, editing in progress
Word count: 73,101
:bulletgreen: After Florence: 2014 NaNoWriMo novel, first draft in progress
Word count: 50,509

Project DD-a-Day

Project DD a Day aims to encourage deviants to suggest Daily Deviations. The challenge was to suggest seven DDs in two weeks. The project, which occurred from September 1st to 14th, is now over; however, I plan on organizing a second edition sometime in the future.

:bulletblue: Featured Deviant of the Month :bulletblue:

Every month, I feature a special deviant on my profile page as well as in a journal.

:bulletblue: September 2014
:bulletblue: August 2014
:bulletblue: March 2014
:bulletblue: February 2014
:bulletblue: December 2013
:bulletblue: November 2013
:bulletblue: October 2013
:bulletblue: September 2013

:bulletyellow: Perfect Poetastrophies :bulletyellow:

A series of my favourite off-dA poetry/songs/inspirations.

:bulletyellow: The Wild Hunt by Tallest Man on Earth
:bulletyellow: On the Road (Novel) by Jack Kerouac
:bulletyellow: Next to Normal (Musical) by Tom Kitt and Bryan Yorkey
:bulletyellow: More Lies by Karin Gottshall
:bulletyellow: Home to Roost by Kay Ryan

:bulletorange: Writing Advice :bulletorange:
:bulletpink: Project Educate Articles :bulletpink:

Because I somehow think I'm qualified to give writing advice.

:bulletpink: Musical Theatre: Golden Age and Beyond
:bulletpink: How To Be A Productive Writer
:bulletorange: Switching POV's
:bulletpink: Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
:bulletpink: Songwriting: The Basics
:bulletorange: I Groan When I Read a Dream Scene
:bulletorange: Relatable Protagonists and Clichés


GuinevereToGwen's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature

Aspiring novelist, composer-lyricist, sunriser, entropist, bisexual, poetastrophe extraordinaire.

I'm currently a student in Canada who dreams of spending the rest of her life writing novels and short stories on a houseboat. Fond of classic literature and musical theatre, I love snowflakes, hot air balloons, and typewriters, although I've never used one and doubt I would enjoy it.

I write short stories, poetry, songs, plays, screenplays, musicals, articles, anything and everything that can be written, I'm writing. My current writing projects include my novel, Columbia Uncharted, a collaborative novel with NGBookworm97, Sunriser, and a one-act musical I'm currently in the process of putting on called The Strangers on the Bus.

Nice Things People Have Said About Me
"Danielle’s gallery is packed full of intriguing and clever pieces to peruse, on her multi-faceted profile. Whether in sharing her novels brimming over with moving tales or reading a touching story or poem from a unique angle, she’s written something for everyone to enjoy."
by LadyLincoln, one of dA's biggest sweethearts

"What I love most about her writing is her character development and her observation/analysis of other human beings...including her honest evaluations of herself and her feelings.
Danielle is one of the most imaginative storytellers I know and, time after time, her writing touches me in some way, whether because I relate to it personally or am simply fascinated by it."
by one of the kindest people I know, hopeburnsblue

"GuinevereToGwen is possibly my best internet buddy. She is just.. wow. She's always trying new things with her writing, and she's always participating in competitions and coming up with new, cool group ideas. She's super nice and her poetry is phenomenal, as is her prose and her stagewriting. She's just all around talented."
by the wonderful saltwaterlungs

"GuinevereToGwen is a sweetheart in every sense of the word. Her work just sweeps you off your feet with her incredible control of literary devices."
by the incredible momo-madness

"You are now a magical writer unicorn."
by my favourite person in the whole world, SilentSails

Favourite plays: Lots of musicals (Les Mis, Next to Normal, Wicked, Chicago, Rent) and anything Shakespeare (my favourites include Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, and As You Like It)!
Favourite poets: Allen Ginsberg • Lewis Caroll • Robert Frost
Favourite colour: All of them! Don't make me choose!
How I would like to die: In a swordfight, defending my life. Preferably on the back of a dragon.
I'm sorry, I'm really bad at answering comments right now. I'm okay, I promise. I'm a lot better than I was about a week ago. Everything has been sort of awful for the past few months, but I think it's getting better. It's just hard.

I'm not trying to draw attention to myself or anything honestly I wish I could just shrink until I disappeared.
  • Mood: Depressed


How gay can I look today? Operation make straight people uncomfortable 2k15.
Not sure about the new dA app. Where's the message center? Looks fabulous, though!


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So, uh, glad You saved me trouble!
And it's a bit sad you disabled comments on your latest journal. It was really wise (both Words and the decision) but I was still curious whether there would be any disagreement. That's a bit egoistic of me though XD
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About your polll. In literature capitalizing the first letter can be a title of name or simply for emphasis. A whole word in caps is shouting and should only be used if the shouting is not indicated some other way. Useing both an identifying phrase and caps is redundant and shows a lack of skill of forethought.
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