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I'm working on a fairly long short story right now (WC=7,700 so far). How would you prefer for me to submit it? 

11 deviants said In a few (2-3) decent-sized deviations with links to the connected parts.
4 deviants said In one very long deviation.
2 deviants said My option so I can see the results. ;P
1 deviant said Other? :shrug:


Daily Deviations and Daily Lit Deviations

Daily Deviations

Talking to Myself: A Manifesto for the Egocentric is a thought provoking piece of self-reflection.

( Featured by SingingFlames )

The Great Race is "a modern-day quest set in a girls' school: the 'dragon' is armed with a broom and the 'princess' isn't interested in the hero" (suggester's words).

( Suggested by SCFrankles and chromeantennae and Featured by neurotype. )

Man Sold Separately

( Featured by BeccaJS. )

Golden Ink and Going Back "is a wonderful tale of childhood, growing up, and then wishing you could be a child again. Using fairy tales that are well-known, a wonderful story is spun that will take you back to your childhood days of innocence," says the suggester.

( Suggested by MagicalJoey and Featured by thorns. )


Project DD-a-Day

Project DD a Day aims to encourage deviants to suggest Daily Deviations. The challenge was to suggest seven DDs in two weeks. The project, which occurred from September 1st to 14th, is now over; however, I plan on organizing a second edition sometime in the future.


GuinevereToGwen's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature

Aspiring novelist, sunriser, entropist, bisexual, and resident poetastrophe.

Currently a student in Canada who dreams of spending the rest of her life writing novels and short stories on a houseboat. Fond of classic literature and musical theatre, I love snowflakes, hot air balloons, and typewriters, although I've never used one and doubt I would enjoy it.

I write short stories, poetry, songs, plays, screenplays, musicals, articles, anything and everything that can be written, I'm writing. My current writing projects include my two novels, Columbia Uncharted and After Florence, and a collaborative novel with NGBookworm97, Sunriser.

Nice Things People Have Said About Me
"Danielle’s gallery is packed full of intriguing and clever pieces to peruse, on her multi-faceted profile. Whether in sharing her novels brimming over with moving tales or reading a touching story or poem from a unique angle, she’s written something for everyone to enjoy."

"What I love most about her writing is her character development and her observation/analysis of other human beings...including her honest evaluations of herself and her feelings.
Danielle is one of the most imaginative storytellers I know and, time after time, her writing touches me in some way, whether because I relate to it personally or am simply fascinated by it."

"GuinevereToGwen is a sweetheart in every sense of the word. Her work just sweeps you off your feet with her incredible control of literary devices."

"I just recently discovered her writing, and I was blown away by how well put together her prose is. I aspire to one day be able to write as well as she does."

"GuinevereToGwen is possibly my best internet buddy. She is just.. wow. She's always trying new things with her writing, and she's always participating in competitions and coming up with new, cool group ideas. She's super nice and her poetry is phenomenal, as is her prose and her stagewriting. She's just all around talented."

"You are now a magical writer unicorn."

Favourite plays: Lots of musicals (Next to Normal, Rent, Heathers, Fun Home, The Last 5 Years), Angels in America, and anything Shakespeare (my favourites include Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet)
Favourite poets: Allen Ginsberg • Karin Gottshall • Robert Frost • tori aitken
Favourite colour: Yellow

Art History Week

Composition C by Piet Mondrian

The best way to describe the modernist movement is through the piece of visual art above. Piet Mondrian was, in fact, a modernist painter. The general idea of his work was stripping down art to its simplest, most basic form: primary colours, clean lines, straightforward composition.

The same concept applies to modernist literature.

The general period for Modernism is considered to be from the late 19th century to 1965. It arose as a negative reaction to the strictness of Victorian society. There was a general sense of disillusionment among artists in particular, and they felt alienated from their rapidly shifting society. Modernism also contrasted with Romanticism as interest in the natural world dwindled.

Modernism gained momentum when the Lost Generation came of age. This generation, having grown up during World War I, experienced feelings of pessimism due to the political situation and the lack of prosperity. Because of this, many of the works tried to uncover the irrationality at the center of tradition which had led to such unrest.

Modernism is iconoclastic, which means that the works created mean to attack or ignore common beliefs or long-held traditionsin other words, they were meant to clear away the debris of the past to make way for new art in the future. It is closely associated with the avant-garde, a term applied to artists involved in introducing original and experimental ideas, forms, and techniques. Stories tend to be unchronological, have indistinct beginnings, middles, and ends, use an unreliable narrator, include multiple points of view, be written in the first person, and often include passages written in stream-of-consciousness.

Stream-of-consciousness as a term was coined by William James and first used to describe the works of Dorothy Richardson. In general, it depicts a person's thought process, and thus it is disorganized and choppy and has a lax form (i.e. lack of punctuation, run-on sentences, etc.). It addresses the self rather than a third party, such as in the soliloquy. The most notable stream-of-consciousness writers include Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, and James Joyce.

The topic of the works of modernist writers is huge enough to take up a one-year university course, so for your convenience, I've created what I like to call my "Modernism Cheat Sheet". If you want to have a general idea of modernist writers and their most influential works, look no further! This should give you a general idea of the fiction, poetry, and drama written during this time period.

Fiction by GuinevereToGwen
Poetry by GuinevereToGwen
Drama by GuinevereToGwen

In conclusion, one can see how Modernism drew on the socio-political currents of the time to present new, innovative works. The genre helped artists and audiences alike make sense of their changing world, or at least to explore developing theories and devices. Modernism draws on the irrationality of society and human thought to explore and advance literature in its various forms; perhaps this irrationality and its place in our reality is what draws us to these great works even now.

  • Who are your favourite modernist writers?
  • What are your favourite modernist works?
  • How do you think Modernism contributed to the history of art?

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