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sure, I noticed you
the long-haired boy playing video games
in a silent crowd
but I had other problems at the time
problems like getting him to notice me
and what my friends
and my enemies
so our paths didn’t cross for three years

Act I

this time, I really saw you
your hair was short and your eyes shone dangerously
but they weren’t shooting stars, more like
meteors crashing toward me
but it wasn’t like you think;
you were lazy and uncaring
(about all the right things)
and I still had some problems
like waking up on a day to day basis
and learning how to respond to puckered lips
so our paths followed each other side by side
but they never met

Act II

then, there was the complication
the mistake, my mistake
because I fell in love
with the meteors and the uncare
and the way you looked at life
you looked at it in the face and laughed
and I so wanted to stop crying and start laughing
all he ever made me do was an unsure smile
and maybe I wanted more

but there was him
his sweet stutterings and soft hesitation
I didn’t want to hurt him
I didn’t want to break his glass ceiling
but I wanted to fly

and then, there was her
she laughed at all the wrong jokes
watched all the wrong movies
listened to all the wrong music
but when she was around, you suddenly cared
I could see the way you look at her, mostly because you could never stop looking at her
it made you more beautiful
your meteors burned out into stars
you two soared
and I felt the earth go ‘round as the constellations disappeared beneath the horizon

it was complicated

and there is no resolution
the tension still builds in a roller coaster mountain
I can’t surmount it
we’ll just keep climbing higher and higher
until I either fall off
or sprout wings
act II will go on
the longest play in the world
the one that lasts years and lifetimes
maybe it will resolve one day
or maybe I will carve THE END into the rails
just to have some kind of conclusion
and maybe it will collapse, and I will come sliding down
unhurt but literally

nothing is set in stone
and stones tossed in the air always come down
like me

For :iconsoul-poets:' Unexpected Love Contest.

I like the idea that stories can be separated into acts, but that's not how life works, unfortunately.
foreverforwards Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
Great work. I love it.
GuinevereToGwen Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you so much! :D
foreverforwards Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
so welcome.. I honestly LOVED IT!
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