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Clap Your Hands
TRIGGER WARNING: depression, suicide, self-harm
SPOILER ALERT: Spring Awakening the musical

This is a happy story. I promise. But it’s also a true story, which means that there are icky bits. Bits that we like to pretend don’t really happen to real people. Bits that we ignore until it’s too late. But I was lucky. Those bits never got to me. Not completely.
    This is a happy story. I write it now because it makes me happy. But I have to warn you that quite a lot of it is very, very sad.
    For a long time I thought of my death as inevitable. Death is inevitable, of course—I guess it’s more accurate to say that my suicide was inevitable. It wasn’t that I wanted to die—that part sounded messy and unpleasant—I wanted to be dead. I wanted to stop existing. To close my eyes and never have to open them, ever again.
    I think depression
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Mature content
Bianca and the Ineffective Ex's :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 6 9
Party Favours by GuinevereToGwen Party Favours :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 7 0 Lookout by GuinevereToGwen Lookout :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 5 2 Run by GuinevereToGwen Run :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 4 0
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Barn Talk :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 3 7
Carroll - Ink by GuinevereToGwen Carroll - Ink :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 3 4 Carroll - Pencil by GuinevereToGwen Carroll - Pencil :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 2 0
I will lie to you tomorrow. I know this. I know this, and I know that tomorrow I will wear blue eyeshadow because that is the colour I wear when I lie to you. I wear it because you say it makes me look like an 80’s pop star; I wear it because it distracts you.
So tomorrow you will lie me down on your dad’s old futon and kiss my neck; you’ll kiss me until I want you so bad I could cry, until I’m so hot I might catch fire, and you’ll reach down to the waistband of my jeans and fiddle with the zipper and look up at me with those kind, brown eyes and ask me, “Do you want me?” and I will lie to you.
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Child of Broadway and Hip-Hop by GuinevereToGwen Child of Broadway and Hip-Hop :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 3 4
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This Is What I Know :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 8 14
Elevator Poetry #1: Song of Sleeping Giants
Elevator Poetry #1
Song of Sleeping Giants and Other Poems

These are the spaces of quiet movement. We are restless in this solitude. Don't speak of boundless faith between these rough-hewn walls. This is silence at its finest. This is the song of sleeping giants.

Our world is made for the locks of the food chain, not its links. Our world is made of limits and lines. Read the backs of recycled paper instead of colouring between them.

Universe architect, make me a bridge so I can feel the tread of the common man, of the stray cats with matted fur. I want to feel every pressure point, every anxiety in every tendon. I want to feel the plastic and fabric and wooden soles above me. Make me metal so I may never crumble, make me supple so I may never break. And when I rust over with lo
:iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 11 11
Danielle by GuinevereToGwen Danielle :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 7 8 Fly by GuinevereToGwen Fly :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 6 0 Zero by GuinevereToGwen Zero :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 4 0
Mature content
Dictionary of New Worlds :iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 18 4

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Artist | Student | Literature

Aspiring novelist, sunriser, entropist, super queer, and resident poetastrophe.

Currently a student in Canada who dreams of spending the rest of her life writing novels and musicals in New York City. Fond of classic literature and musical theatre, I love snowflakes, hot air balloons, and typewriters, although I've never used one and doubt I would enjoy it.

I write novels, short stories, poetry, songs, plays, screenplays, musicals, articles, anything and everything that can be written, I'm writing. My current writing projects include my two novels, Columbia Uncharted and After Florence, and a collaborative novel with NGBookworm97, Sunriser.

Like theatre? Follow my blog Scripteditty

Nice Things People Have Said About Me
"Danielle’s gallery is packed full of intriguing and clever pieces to peruse, on her multi-faceted profile. Whether in sharing her novels brimming over with moving tales or reading a touching story or poem from a unique angle, she’s written something for everyone to enjoy."

"What I love most about her writing is her character development and her observation/analysis of other human beings...including her honest evaluations of herself and her feelings.
Danielle is one of the most imaginative storytellers I know and, time after time, her writing touches me in some way, whether because I relate to it personally or am simply fascinated by it."

"GuinevereToGwen is a sweetheart in every sense of the word. Her work just sweeps you off your feet with her incredible control of literary devices."

"I just recently discovered her writing, and I was blown away by how well put together her prose is. I aspire to one day be able to write as well as she does."

"GuinevereToGwen is possibly my best internet buddy. She is just.. wow. She's always trying new things with her writing, and she's always participating in competitions and coming up with new, cool group ideas. She's super nice and her poetry is phenomenal, as is her prose and her stagewriting. She's just all around talented."

"You are now a magical writer unicorn."

Favourite plays: Lots of musicals (Next to Normal, Rent, Heathers, Fun Home, The Last 5 Years), Angels in America, and anything Shakespeare (my favourites include Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet)
Favourite poets: Allen Ginsberg • Karin Gottshall • Robert Frost • tori aitken
Favourite colour: Yellow
So I've been absent from dA for over a year now, which means I have so much catching up to do with the lit community! Do you know what that means? FEATURE TIME!

I done this kind of feature format before, but I'll repeat the guidelines here.

This feature is literature only.

Please comment on this journal with:
  1. The link to a piece of writing that you've posted to dA in the last few months that you're proud of and would like to share; and
  2. The link to a piece that you've enjoyed reading by another deviant in the last few months.
  3. Optional: A few sentences explaining explaining why you like this piece or why it means so much to you.
I'll put together all suggested works in a journal and share it with everyone. Basically if you have a piece you want to share with me, now is the time!


P.S. If you have any personal questions for me or about anything that's happened to me in the last year (as summarized in this journal), feel free to send them to me through comments or notes. Nothing is off limits. If there's something I don't want to answer, I simply won't answer it. If I get enough questions I might make a Q&A video, like I did a while back.
  • Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson - Lights Out
  • Reading: Picnic at Hanging Rock - Joan Lindsay
  • Watching: Galavant
  • Playing: Cards
  • Drinking: Coke


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